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Buy Our Meat Products With Confidence!

Visit our store and compare our quality and reasonable pricing to anywhere else in Ohio, or nationwide. We are proud of our tradition as one of Ohio's best meat markets.

We have a large variety of meats:
• Steak• Lamb
• Ground Beef• Veal
• Poultry• Seafood
• Pork• and so much more!

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We pride ourselves on the highest quality products and an expert staff to provide you with only the best.

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Beef and Pork

Our quality beef and pork is straight from local farms and nearby packing house, and provides a consistent taste and tenderness time after time. Our steaks are all Fligners choice cuts, marbled, expertly trimmed and cut to whatever thickness you desire. Our young, small, tender, well marbled pork will delight your tastes from roasts, chops and ribs time and time again. Fligners Market ground beef is ground several times daily and we only use whole cuts of beef sirloin, round and chucks that produce a superior product for your burgers, chili, meatloaf and everything else. Whether you need beef for roasts, stew or soups we have it for you.

Lamb and Veal

Our quality lamb and veal are only domestic and not imported and are cut from small tender lambs and milk fed veal which gives it exceptional quality and taste. We carry chops, roasts, cutlets, and scaloppini, stew and specialty cuts.


Fligners Market poultry section is proud to sell only fresh, all natural chicken. They are shipped directly and daily which provides incomparable freshness. We also carry an assortment of fresh and ground turkey.

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