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We Are Able to Give You Cooking Tips, Recipes and Supplies for Your Next Food Adventure

From main dish meats to the exotic seasonings - Fligner's has it all.

We offer many recipes and cooking tips:
• Turkey Meatballs
• Artichoke Risotto
• Spinach Quiche
• Lemon Meringue Pie
• Tofu Avocado Salad
• and so much more!

Many consumers today are finding it more and more difficult to afford going out for dinner. With the Food Network and other cooking shows on television, many Americans have become FOODIES! These are those die hard people wanting to create exactly what they saw on TV and duplicate it in the privacy of their very own home.

They are finding out it is very cost effective to make these creations and impress their family or friends. Many groups have also created their own cooking clubs to where they exchange each others talents once a month in a savory quest to be the Chef of the Month within their clubs.

Here at Fligner's we are able to give you cooking tips, recipes and supply whatever adventure you are going to create as the Weekend Warrior Chef! If we dont have what you need we certainly can get it for you without hesitation.

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