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"Our mission is to provide superior products with the best possible service at the absolute lowest prices." In 1924, father and son, Harry and Morris Fligner opened the doors to the Lorain Cut-Rate Fruit Company using that slogan as the basis for success.

Kel started working at the store in 1949 and quickly fell in love with the family business. Although he wanted to stay at the market, he earned a business degree from Baldwin-Wallace College at his parents' request.

Kel purchased the market in 1963 from his father, Morris and grandfather, Harry, a Polish-immigrant. When the two elder Fligner's opened the store in 1924, it was known as the Lorain Cut-Rate Fruit Company, but later changed to Fligner's in 1933 as more food items were added.

Kel incorporated FLIGNER'S MARKET and increased the store size from 2,000 to 35,000 square feet,the size it is today. The neighborhood grocery has evolved from a 25-foot by 80-foot produce storefront to one of the last independent competitors to the mega-supermarket chains of today thanks to the efforts of Kel and the 4th generation addition of his son Ben.

Kel said what keeps the customers coming back and traveling from as far away as Akron, Cleveland and Sandusky is because we have the "Largest Custom Cut Full Service Discount Meat Counter In Ohio."

Catering was added over eight years ago with Ben's help as another quality service and has been a key supplier to many Lorain County events. Fligner's Market has been offering the best products and services at the lowest prices for 83 years. They would like to thank all of their customers for helping them become one of the landmark family businesses of Lorain County.

"This store is my whole life," said Kel. "I don't have any hobbies, I don't do any-thing else. It's just the store - that's my hobby. I wouldn't have it any other way." "Who would have known that we would today be one of Lorain's largest employers with over 100 employees servicing the community" "I would say over 60 percent of the people are coming for the meat," Kel said. "But they can also do the rest of their shopping here too."

Fligner's boasts one of the largest Specialty Items departments anywhere in North-East Ohio. You can find products from Poland, Macedonia, Italy, Mexico, Germany and anywhere on the Globe. If they don't have it - They certainly will get it- just for you! Another Fligner service.

From a fresh in-store bakery, fresh seafood to a discount deli, frozen foods and a large variety of dairy items - Fligner's has everything the big chain stores do without being overpriced and providing superior "One on One" service in every department.

"Come And See The Difference"

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